Why Document Imaging and Content Management?

1. Allows quick and easy access to documents
2. Maintains the accuracy and integrity of recorded information
3. Reduces budget/staff, which translates to cost savings
    › Lowers expenses by saving space and time
4. Improves workflow
    › Increases worker productivity by saving time and allowing employees to be more efficient
    › No more looking for loose papers and files.
5. Organizes documents for work/office or personal matters
    › Indexing allows you to organize the images so that you can retrieve them instantly
6. Allows for an efficient use of space
    › Businesses are able to eliminate bulky files and cabinets/file storage systems
    › Less space is needed to store documents
7. Security- Documents are secured and protected
    › User logins and passwords are required to view images
    › Each user can have limited access or how ever much access the administrator sees fit
    › A complete audit trail is maintained on every document
8. Compliance - Document security allows a business to be compliant with various rules
and regulations
9. Accessibility - Documents/files are accessible from any internet enabled location
10. Disaster recovery - Documents are safe in case of fire, flood, hurricanes, etc.
11. Eliminates - the need for and costs associated with off-site paper file storage and retrieval
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