Forms Processing
Forms processing is the next step beyond simple capture and index. Designing your forms from scratch to utilize capture technologies is no longer a requirement. While things like Red Boxes and lines still benefit the capture process by allowing us to drop out these lines during the scanning step, they are no longer required. The technologies available today allow us to design a system capable of capturing all types of forms from structured to unstructured data.8
These new software applications are capable of locating data anywhere on a form and utilizing a user defined set business of rules to validate and check that data. If the data passes all the checks the process continues, if not the specific piece of information will be flagged for correction and displayed to a validation operator. Once a form has completed this process
the data can be exported in a customer defined format to be loaded to Accounting Software, Adjudication Systems etc… At the same time the scanned images, and their associated indexes, can be released to a wide variety of Content Management Systems.8
Streamline Solutions works with a variety of data capture partners to provide a complete
suite of products. By choosing the right solution for your application we can maximize your data collection and output capabilities. Our solutions are capable of output in any format
and simultaneous indexing and output to most imaging solutions.
Our solutions enable you to process both printed and electronic forms. This is done through powerful and accurate OCR, ICR, OMR, MICR and Bar Code engines.
Capture, verification, validation and export tasks are programmed through workflow and schedule algorithms.

  Do you think you have a form that cannot be processed?

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